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Hygienic Product Pumps

Made from sanitary stainless steel, our pumps are available with varying capacities and capabilities to suit your exacting requirements. We maintain a large stock of Hygienic Product Pumps means you can get what you want, when you want it.

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Valves and Flow Diverters

Especially important within the dairy production industry, our valves and flow diverters offer longevity, value for money and, are available in many diverse shapes and sizes, including butterfly, turbo-flow and ball.

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Motors are of course the heartbeat of any machine and when they stop, so does production. Understanding the importance of keeping anytime to a minimum, we maintain high levels of in-house stock, including a wide variety of motors.

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Hygienic processing spares delivered direct

Traditionally, sourcing dairy processing and ice cream machine parts was a time consuming procedure, often hampered further by excessive delivery times. However, DairyBits was established to change the aging face of the dairy processing and ice cream machine parts sector.

With DairyBits, finding the exact dairy processing and ice cream machine parts required couldn’t be easier with users able to search 1,000’s of products via various categories and sub-categories. All parts are highly price competitive and with international shipping and a ‘to-the-door’ courier service, DairyBits will ensure quick and safe delivery on all dairy processing and ice cream machine parts.

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